“We never went into Lenny’s together.

We never brought a man back to our sanctuary.

Aside from that, there weren’t any rules.”


“The band was finishing and the DJ had set up behind them. A heavy beat echoed through the large bar, vibrating the seat underneath me.

“You enjoy this music,” he noted.

I gave him a slow smile. “I enjoy how it makes the seat underneath me vibrate.” My eyes lowered to his lap as he jerked at my reply.

Someone spluttered behind me and I glanced over my shoulder at a red-haired woman who had clearly overheard. “You don’t like the chair vibrating?” I asked her.

She gave me a disgusted look. “No, that’s sick.”

Shrugging, I turned back around. Nathan was on his feet and loomed over me. Oh yeah, he wanted up my skirt. I wasn’t going to say no.

“But we had a good time last night,” the woman behind me said with a whine.

“We did,” a man answered her. His voice made me shiver.

“You cold, babe?” I vaguely registered Nathan’s voice.

The man at my back continued, “I made it clear it was a one time thing. I’m not interested in a revisit, it’s nothing against you personally. It’s just not where I’m at.”

The woman gasped in outrage.

It seemed fair enough to me. If he’d been straight up about it. He wasn’t being disrespectful, just saying it’s not what he was after.

“We going?” Nathan leaned it.


I winced at the sound of a drink splashing across the man’s face and couldn’t resist twisting to look. Nathan was, too, by this point.

Ice blue eyes met mine and held them. The man had dark hair, a deep olive tone to his skin. . .and his face was dripping with what smelled like lemonade and vodka. I didn’t break oue stare, a bubble of humor in my gut as he eye-fucked me like he hadn’t just been drink slapped. His deep pink tongue poked out between his full red lips to taste the drink. He grimaced. “She could’ve at least chucked whiskey on me.”